Shipping & Returns

Max weight for shipment 30kg, for overweight we apply new shipment.

For italian territory:
Shipping cost € .5,90
for purchases under € 22.00 we apply an additional shipping cost of € 3.00

for purchase over €. 40,00 free shipping

For islands and lagoon a supplement of €.2,00 is required

the verification of any damage to the product must be made at the immediate arrival of the product, in the presence of the delivery person, and reported in the receipt of collection of the product, to the delivery person.
By damaged product is meant: for liquid products the damage to the container of the liquid product, so that it causes loss, dispersion or contamination. For other products: malfunction, damage to the structure
In the event of ascertaining damages on the product container, which causes leaks or contamination, the customer has the right not to accept the delivery of the product and request the sending of a new package at no additional cost.
The report of the damaged product, with the request to send a new product, must reach us from the contact form of the reserved area of this website.